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Strength + Profitability = Stevens Total Transportation Solutions
Carriers know that we understand the issues they face on a daily basis, and that we "do business" in ways that support their realities.


Stevens Transport TL strives to provide our carrier partners optimal service solutions.

Quick Pay:
Interested in receiving your settlement within 48 business hours after you're empty? Sign up for our quick pay program today. Once you are registered we will expedite your payment on completion of the loads you hauled for only a minimal fee. Please call us today at (866)551-0337 to find out more. For more information please click HERE.

Fuel Program:
Still paying retail prices at the pump? Become an approved carrier partner and we can help save you save substantial amounts of money that you are currently spending on fuel. Once you are a approved carrier partner and have also signed up for our quick pay program you are possibly eligible to participate in our fuel program. Please call us today at(866)551-0337 to find out more and possibly start saving at the pump.

Weekly Settlements
As an asset based logistics provider we fully understand your needs to receive settlement as quickly as possible. Truck payments, fuel cost and maintenance expenses can all add up very quickly. That is why we process settlements weekly as we care about your needs. If you have submitted completed paperwork (bills of lading and invoiced us) by 15:00 central on Friday we wi

As an approved partner you are eligible to receive 40% of the negotiated load amount once you have completed 3 loads with us. The advance can't exceed 40% of the negotiated load amount.

Freight Opportunities
Our Sales Team leads the industry in experience and knowledge. We work very diligently daily to seek opportunities for our carrier partners. Stevens Transport TL specializes in obtaining a well balanced mix of freight within every market place.


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