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   Stevens Transport TL is a non-asset-based logistics company and has been in the business for over 30 years. Our logistics team has over 120 years of combined experience.

Quick Pay

Stevens Transport TL pays carriers 7-10 days from date of delivery, if not sooner. In order to be paid quickly, it is important to get bills into Stevens as soon as the load is delivered. Bills of Lading for completed shipments that are received by Stevens Transport TL prior to 2:00 p.m. on Friday will be paid on the following Thursday. No fee or percentage is charged to the carrier for Quick Pay.

Cash Advances
We offer a cash advance program to carriers who have established a relationship with Stevens Transport TL.
  • Carriers must haul 3 loads before being eligible for cash advances.
  • Once carriers have met this criteria, they may receive up to 40% of the line haul as a fuel advance.
  • Carriers must call after being loaded to provide Stevens Transport TL with loaded information including the seal number on the trailer
  • All advances must be verified with the drivers dispatcher for security purposes.
  • Cash advances are granted via T-check.

Payment Process
Stevens Transport TL requires original paperwork to be sent in with the invoice. Sending in copies will delay payment-- possibly until Stevens Transport TL is paid, so it is important to keep copies and mail in all of the originals."Original paperwork" includes the following:

  • Bills of lading for all stops signed by receiver with seal intact and stamped
  • Lumper receipts, which must be included with paperwork when invoicing. No balance dues are accepted after carrier has been paid.
  • All delivery receipts.
If carriers have shortages or damages they should be reported ASAP to the Stevens Transport TL dispatcher who dispatched the load, so the claim can be processed immediately for prompt payment. Delays in payment can be caused by claims issues that are not reported at unloading, here are a few examples that will cause delays:
  • Failure to obtain the receivers signature at delivery as a “proof of delivery”
  • Failure to seek disposition on any damaged over refused freight
  • Failure to produce all copies of the bill of lading for all stops on the load
  • The bills not being signed clean, no O S & D and seal intact
  • Failure to produce donation or destruction receipts for any refused product
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