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   Stevens Transport is an asset-based logistics company and has been in the business for over 30 years. Our logistics team has over 120 years of combined experience.


How do I start doing business with Stevens Transport TL?
Download our carrier packet, fill it out and fax it back to 214-647- 3940 along with your insurance, W-9 and Operating authority. Someone will contact you to let you know if they need anything else or you can call 866-780-8319 ext 1240 to check your status.

A Stevens Transport TL team member will contact you if there is any additional information needed to complete registration.
Please feel free to call 866-780-8319 and verify your status.

How do I get freight from Stevens Transport TL?
See our Terminal Directory for the office near you and call them with your available truck locations and they’ll help you get loaded.

Does Stevens Transport TL give fuel advances?
Our advance policy states you must pull 3 loads for Stevens Transport TL to be authorized to receive an advance. Advances cannot exceed 40% of the negotiated load amount

Does Stevens Transport TL pay for unloading charges?
Any extra charge must be pre-approved by the office you booked the load with. Each of our customers have different requirements for reimbursement. Accessorial charges will be settled once the load has been invoiced by you.

What types of freight does Stevens Transport have?
We have a wide variety of refrigerated, frozen and dry freight that moves all over the United States and Canada. Most of our loads require 53 foot trailers but we do utilize 48 foot trailers on cases by case basis. Please confirm trailer size with the office you booked your load with.

How long does it take to get paid on a load we haul for Stevens Transport
Stevens Transport strives to pay quicker than anyone in the industry. We have a couple ways to expedite your payment once we have received all required BOLS, receipts and there isnít a claim pending.
  1. Carriers are paid weekly as long as a complete set of bills are received at our corporate office (link to address and contact information) by 14:00 on Friday and a check will be mailed the following Thursday (approximately one week).

  2. We now offer Quick Pay. Please call 866-551-0337 x 1228 or 1437 to be set up. Once approved you will be offered the option to be paid upon load completed within 48 business hours. Just submit a completed clean set of bills and we will begin processing.

What do I do if I have a load that has a claim on it?
If you deliver a load for Stevens Transport TL and there are any overages, shortages or damages you must contact the office you contracted to do the load with for disposition, failure to do so will result in your invoice being held until the matter gets cleared up.

What are Stevens Transport TL accessorial rules?
Detention or wait time is paid after 2 hours as long as you are on time for loading or unloading, this must be noted on your paperwork as the customer pays off the in and out times on the bills. Our rate is $25 per hour after free time up to 10 hours. Then the detention becomes layover at $250 per day. Failure to report delays at shipper or receiver will result in short detention pay, we must be able to get the customer involved and notify them of the delays for authorization.

What should I do if I have a load that a claim has been filed?
If you deliver a load and there are overages, shortages or damaged product you must contact the office you contracted to do the load with for disposition. Failure to do so will result in your invoice being held until issue has been cleared.

What about Detention?
Detention is paid after 2 hours as long as you are on time for your loading or unloading appointment. Your in and out times must be noted on the BOL as our customers pay off these times. Our rate is $25.00 per hour after the first 2 hours and up to 10 hours maximum. After 10 hours, this turns into a layover over situation. Our rate for layover is $250 per day. Failure to report delays at shippers or receivers may prohibit Stevens Transport TL from approving any additional compensation. Our carriers must allow us to get the customer involved and notify them of delays for proper authorization.

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